2013 House Goals

3 Jan

But first, Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays! I certainly did, but I am very happy to get back into the swing of every day life again.

So, every one is doing it and I’m jumping on the bandwagon – 2013 House Goals! We took on a LOT in 2012 which was fun but also exhausting. This year I’d like to scale it back a bit.

First and foremost, we need to finish up the projects still in process around the house.

Like make a runner rug for the hallway out of a carpet remnant and put some pictures on the wall:

rug remnant

The newly finished guest room still needs curtains and pictures to fill the empty frames on the wall:


And the master bedroom needs a proper headboard, new nightstands, art over the bed, pillows, an overhead light fixture, a reading chair, and new closet doors. You know. Nothing major.

Here’s where the room stood last summer. I’ve since purchased a white linen duvet cover and properly scaled bedside lamps.


Also to be re-done is our linen closet which will receive the same treatment the pantry and coat closet got in 2012. This project will require a little bit of macgyvering since a prior owner turned this space into a stackable laundry closet. We do our laundry in the basement, but we would like to keep the laundry hookups (they’re there, why not?). So … I think we’ll need to get creative to create a functioning space. Because this doesn’t function for anyone but Odie the Cat:


But the big project we’re hoping to take on this year is the screened in porch:



It’s not in great shape and needs to be rescreened at the very least, but we’d really like to glass it in to create a sun room that we can use year round. We’d like to add a small sitting area on the left (maybe just a loveseat and a couple of small arm chairs) and a dining area on the right (this would essentially serve as our eat-in kitchen since we don’t have one currently).

We’ve done a lot of research on what all this project would entail and cost, but there’s still a lot we need to figure out before moving forward. If the cost is just too high, we’ll either continue to save and postpone the project for a year or two or re-screen it to enjoy only as a screened in porch.

When we’re (hopefully!!!) framing for windows in the porch, we’ll also frame in the back of our “garage.” What started as a carport was kind of turned into a garage when a prior owner added a garage door (which didn’t function until recently when we replaced the motor). However, the back is completely open. We’d like to fully enclose the garage and add a door for access out back. Here’s an old picture of the space from when we were refinishing the old table. You can see the edge of the porch here too.


Speaking of out back, it needs some serious, serious love. Our backyard is a total, mostly unuseable, disaster. First of all, it’s covered in ivy. Secondly, the steep grade really limits our space back here. There isn’t much we can reasonably do about the lack of space, but the ivy situation can be remedied. One day our lot will be ivy-free. It may take ten years, but it will happen one day. And we’ll start the process this year. Same goes as for the side yard (which is where all of our useable “back yard” space is). Here’s that space viewed from the front yard.


Well I said we’d be scaling it back in 2013, but this sure doesn’t sound scaled back does it? Oh well.

Extra credit items: Re-seeding the front yard so we no longer have the largest weed to grass ratio in the neighborhood and take on some cheap basement projects.

Oh, the basement. Hard to believe I’m this far into my blogging adventure and have yet to mention our semi-unfinished basement! Here are the highlights: it’s a full basement, currently covered up in 90’s goodness (red, purple, orange, yellow, and turqoise can all be found on the walls and doors), and boasts a legit 1960 bomb shelter added by the original owner. I’ll have to do a whole post on the space sometime in the future.

Have any of you done a house goal’s post? Please link!

On one last note, this week I’m celebrating my one year blogaversary! What a fun year it’s been! Thanks for reading along!


2 Responses to “2013 House Goals”

  1. Gabbi January 3, 2013 at 4:39 pm #

    You guys have some great goals set for this year, but definitley didn’t scale back at all haha! And I can’t believe how much your house reminds me of ours…screened in porch that we’d like to transform into a sun room/den to use year round wayyyy far in the future, and a ridiculous backyard {we’ve come a long way in this department this year}…and we reseeded our yard because the weeds totally overtook any grass that used to be there. I can’t wait to see your projects come along…good luck! 🙂

  2. CSR January 3, 2013 at 9:14 pm #

    Your planning and progress with all your projects conveyed to date should be so helpful for all “renovators”. Thank you for the Internet. Can Lowes and Home Depot catch up?

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